ZXW Tool-Dongle Latest Setup V2.3 Download Free


ZXW tool dongle is simple flashing device which is used for flashing smartphones. You can use it as a flasher for several phones. Like iPhone 6S Plus,iPhone 6s,iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 6, iPhone 5C-4G, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5S-TD, iPhone 5S-WCDMA, iPhone 5_EVT3, iPhone 5_PVT, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 4_cdma, iPhone 3GS and Samsung series E900, E880, E870, E800, E788e, E770, E750, E730, E720, E708, E648, E638, E620, E610, E530, E418, E390, E378, E360, E350, E338, E3300L, E258, E208, E1230, E1030 S6,S6 Edge,S6 Edge Plus,S8500, S8300, S8003, S8000, S7562L, S7562i, S7562, S7550, S7500, S7530, S7250, S6538, S6102E, S5830, S5830i, S5830L, S5750E, S5670, S5580, S5570, S5570B, S5570i, S5560, S5360, S5302, S5301, S5300, S5260P, S5230, S5210, S3770M, S3650, S3650W, S3550, S3350, S3100, S508, S300, S269, S189 i535, i997, i9505, i9500, i939D, i939, i9308, i9300, i929, i9260, i9250, i9228, i919, i9108, i9105, i9105, i9100, i9100G, i909, i908E, i9070, i9050, i9023, i9010, i9003, i9001, i900, i889, i8350, i9330, i8250, i8190, i8160P, i8160, i8150, i8000U, i7500, i747, i718, i6330C, i5801, i5800, i339, i300 etc. The ZXW tools website is in Chinese, but lucky for you, we’ve made it easy for you to download the latest version of their software directly from our website.

You an use several other flashing tools or boxes as a flasher. You will need to follow some important points before flashing. The zip file contains all of the files necessary to run ZXW Tools (trace) and Blackfish (schematics). There is no installation process.  You just need to copy the files over to a directory on your desktop. Now just download the latest setup of ZXW tool by managing below download links.
Download links
ZXW Tool/Dongle Setup Download

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