UFS HWK Turbo Box Updated 2020 Latest Setup v2.3.0.7 Free Download

Recently the latest setup of UFS turbo box has been released and available on this page for free download.The latest setup allows you to use newer features of UFS turbo box and you can get high flashing features.Similarly old boxes will be able to still use this software but can not support for new released or new phones.

There's no updates available for this software so don't try to update it online. If you wish to use this box as a flasher you must have to download some important things.It allows you to flash several phones. On mobile flashing platform, UFS turbo flashing box is one of the best and high speed flashing devices which is used by million mobile flashers.

UFS HWK Turbo Box Updated 2020 Latest Setup v2.3.0.7 Free Download

There are several other tools and boxes which can be used for flashing. First of all download the latest setup of your flashing box, then extract it with file zipping software like WinRAR. Install it on your PC by just run setup. If all needed files will be installed, just connect your phone with PC via USB data cable.

  • High Speed USB interface (480Mhz carrier)
  • On board High Speed USB Hub
  • On board uUSB RID control (Samsung, LG JIG emulation)
  • High Speed UART communication up to 3.686.400 Bauds
  • High Speed Fbus transfer, up to 16Mhz
  • Programmable BSI resistance
  • On board Vpp generator (12v)
  • Custom Vbat, Vpp , Rx, Tx and BSI connector
  • USB / UART switching on same Universal Cable

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