Download Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925a) Stock Frames Ware-Flash File-Firmware (6.0.1) Free Here,

 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-g925a) Stock Firmware-Flash File-Firmware (6.0.1) Free Download

Hello! Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge's latest firmware has been released and its free download links are available here for download.

The latest and latest OTA updates can get you stock firmware. Galaxy S6 is the latest version of stock firmware that we use to restore our phone to its original Android OS.

This stock firmware was obtained from the official OAT update. It's the same, so you can use this firmware to glow your phone.

After shining your mobile phone, it will be restored to your original and official settings. They have some shiny tools or boxes that will help you to flash your phone through the USB data cable.

You can download the Samsung Galaxy S6 Android 6.1.0 latest stock firmware from the free download links.

Please make sure you download the same image as you have with this model. Back up your data before flashing. You will lose your data after shining.

Download links

Samsung Galaxy S6 Firmware Download

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