MTK Android Latest IMEI Repair Tool/Software For Windows Free Download

 MTK Android Latest IMEI Repair Tool/Software For Windows Free Download

Hello!Guys MTK Android tool is designed for MT6592, MT6582, MT6589T, MT6589T, MT6577, MT6575, MT6572 and any modern MTK CPU.

You can use use it simply and safely. It supports several devices so you can Download MTK Android Tools from the below of post.

MTK provides many facilities including stock firmware backups, rooting the mobile device and scatter file develop for MediaTek device.

MTK root is relatively a small tool you can download. MTK Android root released its latest version MTK Flash Tool 2.5.3 after its series of MTK flash tools V2.4.6 and V2.5.2.

If you wish to use it just follow the simple tips.
  1. Power On your Phone.
  2. Connect Phone To Pc.
  3. Asking Drivers Give Him.
  4. Than Turn Off Phone.
  5. Open Maui Meta Tool.
  6. In Options Trick Second One ( Connect Smart Phone Into A Meta Mode).
  7. Press Reconnect.
  8. Than Inset Cable.
  9. Asking Cdc Drivers Install ,Browse For Them In CDC Driver Archive.
  10. After 1 Min Popup Imei Tool Tab.
  11. Than Press  ( Change Nvram Database File)  And Chose It From NVM Archive.
  12. Write IMEI  (One Or Both Depending On Device).
  13. Press Download To Flash.                                                                                                              
you will easily handle it If you will follow these simple steps.

So guys now you can download latest setup of MTK Android IMEI Repair Tool from below download links.

Download links here,

MTK IMEI Repair Tool Download   (Google Drive)

MTK IMEI Andriod Tool      (pp).zip

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