Download One (M8) RUU Stock Firmware - Flash File - Stock ROM Free Here,

 HTC One (M8) RUU Stock Firmware - Flash File - Stock ROM Free Download

Hello!guys do you know that the latest firmware of HTC one M8 has launched yet and it is available here for free download. You can use it for complete flashing of your mobile.

Simply download it and put it in one specific folder to find it easily.You can use some of the flashing tools or boxes for flashing your mobile.

We flash our mobile at those stages if phone is working slowly or completely break with the reason of its expired firmware.

HTC One M8 has came with fantastic features. Its camera is same to last year’s HTC One. They both share the same UltraPixel sensor, but the M8 uses the image processor hardware of the Snapdragon 801 – and at present the two have different software (although the HTC One is to get an upgrade to Sense 6 later this year).

The idea of the UltraPixel sensor is that while it's lower-res than the competition, it uses larger sensor pixels for better low-light performance.

Its sensor pixels are two microns across, where, for example, the Galaxy S5's are 1.1 microns. Shooting performance is great.

Please take a backup of your data before flashing.If you will flash your mobile with corrupted firmware your mobile will be dead.

So,guys you will always needed to flash your mobile with updated firmware. Focusing is extremely fast, and shot-to-shot speeds are excellent.

You can shoot multiple ‘normal’ photos in a second, without even using a burst mode. Things get a lot slower when you use the Night mode in very low light conditions, but otherwise it’s about as fast as an iPhone 5S.

HTC claims 0.3-second focusing speeds, which is the same claim Samsung makes of the Galaxy S5 – and that phone has a phase detection focus layer, missing from the HTC One M8.

The only thing that really slows you down here is how awkward it can be to switch between shooting modes.

Moving to image quality. Here’s how the HTC One M8 compares to last year’s top phone in our classic detail test.

So,guys you can now download latest firmware of HTC one M8 from below download links. The download links are absolutely free and scanned by viruses.

Just click here to download links,

HTC One M8 Firmware Download

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