HTC One M7 Latest (Stock ROM/Flash File/Stock Firmware) Free Download

 HTC One M7 Latest (Stock ROM/Flash File/Stock Firmware) Free Download

Hello,guys today we are sharing the latest firmware of HTC One M7 which has been released and the free download links are available here for download.Since HTC has released the M7 and M8 HTC One, it can be a pain in finding the correct files and tools to get back your phone to stock settings.

Mostly in all devices the general process is same, but the files and correct steps vary depending if you are using a Sense or Google Play Edition device.

Follow the simple steps to flash your phone. 

1:-Turn USB Debugging ON. (if device not bricked) 

2:-Download and install USB drivers. 

3:-Download Rom RUU (Rom Update Utility) file. (link is given above) 

4:-When download completes run the RUU.exe (administrator) and it will guide you in the process of resetting the your device. 

5:-when it finishes your device will be almost back to stock. 

6:-It will have the stock images for recovery, boot, ROM, radio, firmware hboot, etc.

you will be able to easily flash your phone if you will follow these simple steps.

I experimented on a HTC One M7 phone whose owner faced a lot of lag after upgrading to the latest version of Android Lollipop, so she wanted to downgrade it. So,guys when my experiment completed it worked 100% after downgrading to a Google Play Edition KitKat ROM.

You can now download the latest firmware of HTC One M7 fromthe download links.

Download links here,

HTC One M7 Stock Firmware

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