Latest G'FIVE Mobiles Phones News.



Latest G'FIVE Mobiles Phones News
Nafas Wali
President G10-24800
China G Five Mobiles;
                                China brand G'FIVE mobile phones Showing 82 products of G Five in Pakistan. It is a Chinese brand that specializes in the business of mobile manufacturing as a wide market. G Five Mobiles includes feature phones, smart phones. In 2010.

G Five Classic 9

Rs. 17,500

 Welcome to the exclusive page of China GFive Mobiles.The brand achieved a milestone when it became the 10th largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. G Five Mobile Phone category has launched five top class smart phones recently equipped with the G Cloud internet technology.

G Five G9

Rs. 15,000

The users of GFive Mobile Phones can facilitate from 5.5 GB free cloud space that can help them to synchronize data to other linked devices. The GFive Mobile price in Pakistan is market competitive and based on the features and specs it offers.

G Five President G6

Rs. 12,500

G Five Glory A86

Rs. 13,000

G Five Glory A86

Rs. 13,000

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