China Mobile PC Suite Free Download To Connect Internet Via.

PC Suite;

              The smartphone China mobile is very famous in World level, because of its low price. But, problem is that it does comes with PC suite software.

Users who are having this phone he cannot connect his modem with PC for data transfer or internet.

But we have got PC suite which works on all versions of windows including windows vista and windows 7 for china mobile.

It also includes drivers for COM ports, you can use this to transfer files, messages, contacts etc.

Few steps to installing China Mobile PC Suite

1:-First of all go ahead at the end of the article and download the China PC suite software from here from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

2:-Then Install China Pc Suite in your Windows PC.

3:-Now connect the mobile phone to your PC / laptop. Select Com from three options display on the phone. Windows will ask to install – Install driver. If required, point to the .inf file.(Drivers Included).

4:-At the end it is ready to connect the phone to PC / laptop. Get help from the help icon of PC suite.
During installing if you are getting error then fellow these steps,

1:-first copy the driver into the main installation folder

2:-Second run setup.exe and its done.

3:-Third driver folder is included in the PC Suite only.

4:-So, if you get any error you might not have copied driver folder to the original setup folder.

China Mobile PC Suite Download here;

PC Suite Free Download             (For Windows)

PC Suite Free Download             (Mag)

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