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 WAV to AC3 Encoder 6.0 Software For Windows Free Download

The latest software WAV to AC3 Encoder is an audio encoder which produce compressed audio streams based on ATSCA/52 specification.

User’s this type of audio is also known as AC-3or dolby digital and is one of the audio codes used in DVD-video content.

Sharing program is easy and a simple GUI for Aften A/52 audio encoder created by Justin Ruggles.

So, Guy’s sharing program WAV to AC3 Encoder was started on 27th January 2007 and is still maintained and actively developed.
Software Information

File Size: 1.4MB


Publisher: Visit Website

Release Date: 2017-12-16

Submit Date: 2017-12-16

Updated Date: 2017-12-16

OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Software Features

High quality output audio files.

Very fast encoder.

Multi threaded encoding.

Multiple channel file input.

Advanced mux wizard.

Multiple mono file input.

Optimized for modern CPUs.

Small program size.

Load and save all program setting.

Load and save encoder presets.

Avisynth scripting supports.

Full UNICODE and ANSI supports.

Very simple to use.

Options for advanced user’s.

Sources available under GNU GPLv2license.

Free Download

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