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Fresh and Latest Mobile Phones and Different Mobile Phone Brands

                Samsung Galaxy S7                         Rs-73000                                             Huawei P9 RS. 52000   Apple iPhone 6s RS. 71000                    Qmobile Noir Z12                           RS. 21900   Different Mobile Phone Brands;  

Google Silences Auto-Playing Permanently Stop Videos,

(Mobidrive)                    Guys we are sharing a new ‘mute’ feature in Chrome will permanently stop web pages from playing unwanted sounds.  Google is also planning to provide a solution to the problem of web pages, such as those with auto playing videos,…Read More »

The Smart Lenovo Mobile Phone News

We are always shared different mobile phone news. This news collected from the Lenovo official website homepage. So, Guy’s read the post and collect the information about smart Lenovo mobile phones. Consumers Only sells and ships products to end-user customers only.…Read More »

The Latest different kinds of MegaGate Mobile Phones News.

                                    The Latest different kinds of MegaGate Mobile Phones News Full-wi-fi2-MegaGate   July,7,2016 Mega Gate Mobiles ;                                   Thursday,in Pakistani local Mega Gate 9 product showing in Pakistan. The smart phones Mega Gate Mobiles are local brand launched in Pakistan…Read More »