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G'five pc suite free download.


Gfive pc suite free download
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PC Suite free download
China brand  of the G five phones support NES or MRP software and applications.G five does not provide any PC suite for their phones.You can use some universal PC suite for G five phones.You can connect phone and PC suite using Bluetooth or USB.Connecting using USB is fast when compared to Bluetooth.The main problem in G five phones is that your PC won’t detect it.You need to install modem drivers for your phone.

*Connect your phone with PC using USB.
*Now your phone will show three options – Mass storage , COM port ,Webcam .In order to *connect to internet or PC suite in PC,you need to select COM port option.For accessing the files in your phone or File manager,use mass storage option.
  *If you are connecting the phone for first time,PC will show new hardware found wizard.The modem driver model will be written in desktop notification bar.(eg : MT6225 device)If you are not connecting it for first time new hardware wizard may not show.In such cases,you will get modem driver model from device manager.
 *To open device manager ,right click My computer and click manage.Your phone model number will be listed in COM port /LPT section.
***Guys youn can  easily G'FIVE PC Suite download the following links;
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